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I understand that you are here for a reason. You may be suffering from anxiety. Or depression. You may be feeling sad or suffering from low self-esteem. Perhaps you are living with an addiction.

Some of my clients first contacted me feeling suicidal. Others were suffering from addictive behaviour. There have been those grieving the loss of a close friend or relative or the end of a relationship or a job. You may be facing similar challenges or you may have a different issue or concern.

I understand that the huge choice of therapists available online is daunting. Who to call? How to choose? What you need more than anything right now is to start talking with someone you can trust, who won’t judge you. To share the burden. 

Someone who can help you cope, to explore and to grow.  Someone who can be there to give you an outlet for your feelings. Someone who can be the catalyst for improving your relationships and self-confidence or help you cope with your loss. This is a safe space. Whatever you are feeling, I am here to listen to you and support you.


Please feel free to call me as soon as it suits you.

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